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There are many things that a good credit score is useful for. Credit cards are on the top of that list as those with excellent credit have access to much lower interest rates than those who have poor credit. You should always work on improving your credit score towards the maximum of 850.

A FICO credit score between 670 and 699 will put you in the fair to average range. This means that you can take advantage of credit cards with a somewhat lower interest rate. Let’s take a look at some of the best credit cards you should be getting in 2017.

 Top Card For Students – Discover It For Students

 Important Benefits:

  • Double Cash Back For Year One
  • Free Credit Score Monitoring
  • 5 Percent Cash Back On Gas And Restaurants
  • $20 Cash Back For Annual GPA Of 3.0 Or Higher

Those who don’t have a lengthy credit history can get turned down for most major credit cards. Opting for a Discover it for Students credit card can allow these short credit history students the opportunity to grow their history.

With the Discover it for Students card you can get 5 percent cash back for purchases, including gas and restaurants. During the entire first year of membership, Discover will also double your cash back amount with no limitations. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Just as with any regular credit card, Discover offers credit score reporting so students can see how they are improving their credit score. In addition, they offer special promotional cash back for good grades.

Top Cash Back Card – Chase Freedom

 Important Benefits:

  • 5 Percent Cash Back Rewards
  • Numerous Cash Back Categories Throughout The Year

We all love getting a little something back from our daily purchase. With Chase Freedom, you can cash in on offer rewards of up to 5 percent. This is one of the only cash back cards that are readily available for those with a fair to average credit score.

The cash back rewards top out at $1,500 every quarter. This means that you will be sure to find rewards in your ideal shopping categories at least once a year, as the categories change every quarter.

 Top Travel Card – Discover It Miles

Important Benefits

  • No Foreign Transaction Fees
  • 1.5 Percent Rewards For Every Dollar Spent
  • Rewards Are Doubled For The First Year

This no annual fee card rewards members with 1.5 miles for every single dollar they spend. There is no need to optimize your rewards every month or every quarter. Discover It Miles makes it so simple for anyone to rack up miles for traveling to their favorite destinations.

One major advantage to this program is that Discover doubles your entire rewards amount at the end of your first membership year. This amounts to an actual 3 percent rewards rate for every dollar spend during the first year of use. In addition, this card doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees, which makes it great to use for travel.

 Top Balance Transfer Card – Chase Slate

 Important Benefits:

  •  No Balance Transfer Charges In The First 60 Days
  •  0 Percent APR Introductory Rate For 15 Months

If you have high balances on some of your credit cards and are looking to consolidate them into one card for ease of use, Chase Slate is the perfect option. They offer users an introductory rate of 0 percent on both APR and balance transfers. This introductory APR rate is for the first 15 total billing cycles after the account is open. Chase will waive your balance transfer fee for the first 60 days you are a member.

 Top Business Card – Capital One Spark Classic

 Important Benefits:

  • 1 Percent Cash Back On Every Purchase
  • Employee Cards At No Additional Cost
  • Anytime Access To Spending Data In Various Formats

Trying to find a business credit card can be tough for a business owner with a fair to average credit score. The Capital One Spark Classic card gives approval to these business owners that many other companies will turn down. While the only major reward of using this card is one percent cash back on all purchases, it’s a good way to build your credit.

With the Capital One Spark Classic card, you can get multiple employee cards for free. They also send you quarterly and annual spending reports to help you better track your business spending. All charges are available for download in Quicken, Quickbooks, or even Excel.

 Top Airline Miles Card – Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus

 Important Benefits:

  • 40,000 Reward Miles With $1,000 Spend In First 3 Months
  • 3,000 Reward Miles For Your 1 Year Card Anniversary

This card is perfect for the avid traveler or business consultant on the go. This card comes with welcome and loyalty bonuses that are too good to pass up. While this card does come with an annual fee, the benefits do seems to outweigh it. In the first three months, any new member that spends at least $1,000 gets 40,000 reward miles. And to top it off, Southwest will give you an additional 3,000 miles when you hit your one year card anniversary.